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ISSUE 31 - October 2022

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Accessibilizing Astronomy: SciAccess Programs for Disability Inclusion in STEM (page 42)
Voelker, A.; O’Brien, C.; Deming, M.


SciAccess, Inc. is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing disability inclusion and diversity in STEM education, outreach, and research. In this paper, the authors present an overview of accessible STEM programmes run by SciAccess, including an annual conference, an international working group, Zenith (a space science mentorship programme for blind youth), and Mission: AstroAccess (an initiative dedicated to making space exploration accessible for disabled astronauts). Recommendations for creating accessible mentorship programmes and networking events, both virtually and in-person, are detailed so that others may replicate these inclusion-focused efforts.

Suggested Citation (APA)
Voelker, A., O’Brien, C. and Deming, M. (2022). Accessibilizing astronomy: SciAccess programs for disability inclusion in STEM. Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal, 31, 42-46.

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