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ISSUE 33 - December 2023

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The stars were just the beginning (page 04)
Voss, V.; Marranghello, G. F.; McConville, M.

Thousands of planetariums around the world help to engage with public audiences each day and serve as essential science gateways. Starting in October 2023 and lasting through May 2025, the international planetarium community will celebrate its first Centennial and look forward to the next one hundred years of dome-based education and entertainment. While technology has changed dramatically in the past century, the core mission of the planetarium has not changed – to provide a window into the Universe and to tell the stories that gift us all with a better understanding of our place in the Cosmos.

Suggested Citation (APA)
Voss, V.; Marranghello, G. F.; McConville, M. (2023). The stars were just the beginning. Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal, 33, 4-5.

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