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Issue 33 - December 2023

Above: The front cover of the December 2023 CAPjournal.

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(Blumenthal, K.)
  page 03
The stars were just the beginning
(Voss, V.; Marranghello, G. F., and McConville, M.)
  page 04
  page 06
  page 13
  page 21
  page 24
Build your own cardboard planetarium: A DIY experience for students
(Oliveira, V., McCarthy, F., Smith, N., Doran, P., Chaniotakis, E., Rojas, G., and Doran, R.)
  page 29
  page 35
The UNAM/AMT Mobile Planetarium: Lessons learnt on how to run a student-driven mobile planetarium project in Africa
(Honsbein, H., Backes, M., Duvenhage, Z., Matthaei, H-W., Namene, Q. D., Frans, L., Macucule, F., Shilunga, S., Falcke, H., Kasai, E., Wolt, M. K., Schut, A., Pierik, M., Katjaita, H., Iiyambo, E., Nakafingo, V., and Simasiku, N.)
  page 43
  page 52

Editorial Board and Peer Reviewers
Kim Arcand
Hannah Dalgleish
Manisha Dwa
Samir Dhurde
Rynee Fandora
Sadie Jones
Guilherme Marranghello
Hafez Murtza
Geethu Paulose
Eduardo Penteado
Carolyn Collins Petersen
Saeed Salimpour
Jan Sermeus
Aniket Sule
Ram Venugopal
Ryan Wyatt
Avivah Yamani

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