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Issue 34 - January 2024

Above: The front cover of the January 2024 CAPjournal.

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(Blumenthal, K.)
  page 03
  page 04
  page 06
Aruba’s first planetarium: A work in progress
(Vrolijk, J., Everon, D., and Maduro, J.)
  page 11
  page 15
  page 18
  page 24
The planetarium: One tool, many ways to make the most of it!
(Brusa, M., Monge, E., Balboni, E., and Romaniello, S.)
  page 28
The first planetarium in an astronomy department in Turkey
(Alis, S., Saygaç, A. T., and Yelkenci, F. K.)
  page 33
  page 37

Editorial Board and Peer Reviewers
Hannah Dalgleish
Manisha Dwa
Rynee Fandora
Hafez Murtza
Geethu Paulose
Eduardo Penteado
Aniket Sule
Ram Venugopal
Avivah Yamani

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